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Home Garden Expert Course

Extensive 100 hour home study course -Be a master gardener or gardening expert. Get to know all of the basics of gardening to take your home gardening to the next level.

Home Hydroponics

Learn to set up a hydroponics system at home! This course is a good starting point for those who have little experience in horticulture or hydroponics and whose main interest is in growing at home.

Home Propagation (Beginners)

Learn to propagate plants - practical course -developed by John Mason, nurseryman, horticulturist for 45 years; author of several books on propagation.

Best Outdoor Plants to Grow for Beginners


Just one reason to love coleus (Plectranthus scutellarioides): the explosion of new cultivars on the market over the past 10 years means there is a leaf colour to match every garden design. Grow coleus in sun or shade, but keep it well-watered for best growth.


The strappy tropical leaves of the bromeliad (Bromeliaceae) are a fun patio accent, whether or not your plants decide to produce a bloom.


Not many patio plants will put on a great show in full shade, but caladiums (Caladium spp.) do so happily. One thing caladiums don't like is cold weather: bulbs will grow slowly or not at all in cool soil, and then spring to life seemingly overnight when summer temps sizzle.

Gardening Tips for Beginners

Start with great soil

When starting a garden, one of the top pieces of advice is to invest in soil that is nutrient-rich and well-drained.

Consider containers

When space is at a premium, look to containers. You can grow many plants in pots, including vegetables, herbs, flowers, fruit trees, berries, and shrubs. When gardening in containers, use a pot that's large enough for the plant it's hosting, and fill it with Potting Mix.

Choose the right plants

It's important to select plants that match your growing conditions. This means putting sun-loving plants into a sunny spot, choosing heat-tolerant plants in warm climates, and giving ground-gobbling vines like pumpkins and melons ample elbow room (or a trellis to climb).

Angelia Barber

Co-Founder of Prislum Gardening Academy

Prislum Gardening offers a range of learning opportunities, from specialist horticultural training to adult education courses and activities for children. All we want is to encourage you to learn the art and science of growing and caring for your own plants.

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