Ten Plants for Indoors Growing for Beginners

1. Tillandsia

Tillandsias are considered among the best indoor plants ever. They can grow with or without soil and require very minimal care. In fact, you can forget to water them for weeks on end and they will still remain alive. These are hanging plants so perfect for smaller homes where space is at a premium.

2. Spider Plant

This plant requires watering only twice a week and needs medium light. It helps to eradicate foul smells, formaldehyde and carbon monoxide. This makes it a perfect bathroom plant. Spider plants thrive in humid environments.

3. Snake Plant

The snake plant is commonly referred to as the mother-in-law’s tongue or St George’s Sword due to its blade-like appearance. This variety isn’t a fan of bright lights favoring low lighting and humidity. Snake plants can also remove nasty odors and toxic contents from the air.

4. Peace Lily

This wonderful white flower needs indirect sunlight but it can survive even in low light. Peace lilies also clean the air of any toxins. Its soil should always be moist.

5. Orchid

This versatile flower should be placed or hung beside a window so it can benefit from indirect sunlight. Orchids are tailor-made for the bathroom. The humid environment in the bathroom replicates the plant’s normal conditions. Place orchids by the sink or near the bathtub where water can periodically splash on them.

6. Lucky Bamboo

Like tillandsias, lucky bamboo can grow without soil. They can be popped in a glass half filled with water and pebbles and they will grow well. The water should be changed twice a month. They require very little by the way of the sun’s rays and almost no maintenance.

7. Ivy

These hanging plants have the ability to crawl up the walls if allowed to. Ivy vines should be positioned near the window for enhanced sunlight exposure. Ivy is not demanding to grow so suitable for absolute beginners.

8. Dracaena

Known widely as the dragon plant, this variety welcomes highly humid areas. Low humidity makes their leaves dry and die. Dracaenas also filter the air of any toxins and impurities. This type of plant favors low lighting.

9. Cast Iron Plant

True to its name, the cast iron plant is very tough. It can withstand extreme heat, dryness and humidity. These plants hate direct sunlight and love to soak in low to moderate light. They need to be regularly watered but the soil should dry up thoroughly before you water again.

10. Aloe Vera

This medicinal plant is aptly called an immortality plant due to the fact that it doesn’t die that easily. Its aloe properties can be used to treat thinning hair and dandruff by rubbing the cut leaf on the scalp. Aloe can also be used as a cure for small wounds caused by shaving.